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Posted by CaseySP | Jul 29, 2012 @ 08:32 AM | 6,916 Views
Successful maiden! Had to wait for the fog to lift but finally got things underway - unfortunately my photographer picked up a stomach bug so in-flight pictures will have to wait.

Needed a couple of clicks of down trim and then it flew straight as a die. Very quick in the roll - will reduce aileron throws by 30% and add a bit more exponential.

Possibly needs more rudder (flying with 100%) - a fair amount of mechanical adjustment is available with the pull-pull system but will wait until I try a bit of proper knife-edge flying.

Also needs both ailerons "reflexed" up a touch as it seemed to be flying with slight down flap. Might also explain the need for down trim?

120g of ballast needed to get it to the rear of the CG range as the motor is quite a bit lighter then the four stroke engine. In-flight CG test seemed spot on with the CG in this position. Thrust angle also seemed spot on as built into the firewall with no trim changes regardless of throttle setting.

Limited flight to 5 mins for 1300mAh used from pack with a fair amount of vertical testing. Should be a comfortable for 8-10mins of mixed flying.

Vertical is great, stall benign (only nodded the nose) and landing was a breeze. Still, it's a big plane and needs a bit of room.

Max power is 670W @ 35.6A. Batteries should be fairly untaxed - under 12C at full power.

RTF weight is 2.5kg. 100g more then the aircraft was with the 4 stroke (empty), but 120g of that is ballast. Max recommended flying weight is 2.6kg, so not a problem.
Posted by CaseySP | Jul 14, 2012 @ 09:54 AM | 7,407 Views
All the glow engine bits removed - Saito .72F/S, engine mount and hardware, throttle servo, 13.5x6 Bolly prop, spinner, RX battery, switch harness, etc.

All up weight loss1,075g.
Posted by CaseySP | Jul 14, 2012 @ 09:42 AM | 7,647 Views
I've had this plane in storage ever since it was finished - about the same time son #1 arrived and I let my club membership lapse.

Going to convert it to electric - out with the Saito .72 and Cline pump and in with a Turnigy G46 430kV, Turnigy dlux 70A ESC (with data logging) and 5S 3000mAh 30C battery.

Weight RTF (without fuel) with the Saito is 2.4kg.

Hopefully the motor kV is not too low - can fit up to a 15" prop on it but hoping to go with a 14x10 for 40A in. The 13.5x6 Bolly is a bit too small/low pitch for the motor.