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Posted by CaseySP | Mar 17, 2012 @ 12:57 AM | 6,416 Views
Painting completed.

Happily the entire finishing (fibreglass and painting) only added 70g to the weight - very pleased with that. But it has also moved the CG back 5mm - I'll need to add a small amount of ballast to restore it. Unfortunately the battery can't go any further forwards or it will interfere with the nose retract mechanism.

Main colours are titanium white, medium grey and paynes grey Reeves acrylics thinned with Windex and applied with an airbrush. The canopy is left over medium sea blue enamel applied with a brush. Decals left over from my Alfa MiG 15.

The paint scheme was inspired by one Stuart Warne used on his Alfa MiG15 - should actually be a Korean war era Chinese PLAAF scheme.

This was my first ever attempt at airbrushing. Not perfect, but it is a very steep learning curve and I picked up a lot of information from threads on this forum such as J Morgan's excellent thread on finishing models and watching you-tube clips.