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Posted by CaseySP | Apr 25, 2009 @ 09:18 PM | 8,276 Views
With the MiG in the maintenance shop, it was time to address the under-wing decals that had recently started to disintegrate due to the heavy dews and longer grass at the field.

New decals were drawn up in MS Word using the originals as a template. Near enough for rockets

The file is attached below if it is any use to anyone. You'll need to print these on white decal paper.
Posted by CaseySP | Apr 17, 2009 @ 11:32 PM | 7,258 Views
Lovely crisp morning at the airfield today. The birds were chirping, the autumn colours on display, no wind to speak of. The Corsair and Formosa had a few flights before I decided the neighborhood had had sufficient slumber. Time to take the MiG up and make some noise.

Plugged in a battery and the elevator servo started to twitch away. Initially it looked as if the RX was being swamped by the TX so I moved it away and collapsed the antenna. This stopped the twitching, but as soon as the elevator stick was moved, the twitching would start up again around centre, then it would stop as the stick was deflected further.

Discretion being the better part, no MiG flights today. Got home and isolated the fault to the elevator servo, a HS-55. Luckily the ESC wasn't damaged, so off to the shops to buy a new servo. No HS-55s in stock, but a box of Multiplex Nano S servos instead. As we know Hi-Tec owns Multiplex, so no suprises that the servos are identical with the exception of the colour of the case.

Just happy it happened on the ground and not in the air....