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Posted by CaseySP | Mar 20, 2009 @ 06:47 AM | 8,318 Views
Bit old now...

I changed the power system in the Alfa MiG15 from what was described earlier below after seeking more vertical performance and bigger loops. I was also warned that the old motor was probably due to let the smoke out any time soon.

Couldn't be happier. The motor was a true bolt-in proposition as promised by Don, but the speed controller installation in the thrust tube and associated wiring was a bit of a headache as it all becomes a bit of a squeeze back there and you need to make sure nothing can foul the elevator servo.

Performance is amazing, and despite the greater performance and weight i get longer flight times then the old setup. The only noticeable negative impact is that I find I need longer to setup for a landing as the glide is much faster then before.

Motor: - Don's Wicked 4800kV
EDF:- Alfa with 5 blade fan (385W @ 32.9A)
ESC:- X-Power 40A BEC mounted in thrust tube
Battery:- Rhino 3S 2350 25C
Radio:- JR2610 TX, R770S SPCM RX, HS81 (aileron) HS55 (elevator)
Posted by CaseySP | Mar 20, 2009 @ 05:06 AM | 8,035 Views
Well the in-laws have left so I have had some time to get back to this.

Will try to convince my Brother-in-law to come out to the field with his DSLR one morning so I can get some in-flight shots.
Posted by CaseySP | Mar 10, 2009 @ 08:55 AM | 7,697 Views
Kind of a build log....

Been busy stripping and repainting my Alfa F4U Corsair into a RNZAF scheme - NZ5560 (JZ-M). After more then 12 months of flying it was time for a refresh and a change, plus I was looking for a more visible scheme to help with orientation on overcast days.

Still a work in progress - I have just run out of decal paper for the wing roundels and also need to do a little more (subtle) weathering.