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Posted by Goeland86 | Sep 23, 2009 @ 02:14 AM | 3,925 Views
Well, here goes my first post.

I recently finished building, and flew, one of Geode's Mantas. Or rather, my version of Geode's Manta design. The only thing that makes me unhappy about the plane is that I built it. Otherwise I love the design. But I do intend to make my very own DLG.

Now I've been toying around XFLR5 for a little while, figuring out what airfoils to use, etc. I've come up with a planform that is somewhat atypical for a DLG - a large root cord. It shares that with the Manta - though I suppose I could try varying around how wide of a root I truly want, but the polars for this plane look particularly good.

The wing area, also, is extraordinarily high - 400 sq inches, about. The screenshot shows the values in metric.

The goal is to build this plane in a fashion somewhat similar to the Manta. Geode, I'm sorry, I'll be borrowing your great build technique for my own plane.

Now, I'm counting on an AUW of about 400g, which is about 14 oz, and that's about where my own Manta came out at. Surprisingly, at that weight, the polars look better than if the plane was 300, or even 350g (10 and 12 oz about).

Because the plane's not going to be much in the way of looks, or for that matter, performance, I'm naming it the Skunk - the first one always stinks.

I'll be posting more refined information about this project, as I intend to make it very "open-source" like.

The wing has 4 major segments, and uses AG45ct-02f at the root and mid-wing, and progresses to AG38 for the last few inches of tip. The tail feathers are subject to change.

The original build will probably re-use the pod/tail section I built for the Manta, as it gives a few extra inches of boom, and has relatively large surfaces. Plus the pod design allows me to mount virtually any wing as long as the mounting mechanism is the same.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to find a way of exporting my ribs to a CAD program so I can actually draw the plans for the ribs to cut, and the spar slots etc.