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Posted by jnjloo | Mar 25, 2007 @ 02:33 AM | 3,662 Views
Hey all,
Just a quick note as to what I'm doing here.....

(original entry)
Flew gas and elec planes for a few years (5 or 6) and then moved to flagstaff AZ, at about 7000 feet not much wanted to fly!! I kept messing with them, and my buddy kept telling me we needed to try his glider. I said NO I want my engine, gotta have it (silly me). Finally he talked me into trying it and it was GREAT. I did more that first day flying for about 3-4 hours than I had in the previous 5-6 years cause i could just stay up and practice instead of having to keep thinking about traffic patterns and landing!!!

So, after selling off all my other planes I bought some zagi's and flew around the sky merrily.

Then I moved to montana with the high winds (we average about 25mph here) and my planes didn't want to fly very well and I didn't really find a good spot for them. So I just put em in the garage (refused to sell em as I knew how much fun they were). 2-3 years go by and I keep talking to this guy at work and telling him about the gliders. He says he owns a good spot to fly em and we always talk about going out. I always say I don't have them charged/put together/ect. ect. Then I get interested again looking around for spots. A few weeks later, the guy dies in a plane crash (I'm a heli pilot for a local hospital) at work and I think DAMN, life is short, I love to fly gliders, I'm gunna do some research and get back into it and do it!!

The zagi's have now been...Continue Reading