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Posted by rhysduk | Mar 06, 2012 @ 08:29 AM | 2,987 Views
With everything going on and the copious amounts of build logs and scratchbuild thread on RCG that I look through everyday, it's time for a To-Do List. A sensible one
The List;

Finish my Ultron
(3D Foamie Depron)
# 75% Complete with Power Setup sorted.
Finish my Mig 7 Glider (Correx Mig7)
# 80% Complete - Fuselage to finish.
Print and Build MDC F-14 Swing Wing
Soon as I saw this beauty I had to have one. Plans to be printed...
Decide on 3D/Fun Fly Bipe
Am yet to fly a Bipe so this will be my first.
Decide on & buy a "Mouldie" Sloper
Much as the Bipe, I've seen plenty of these fly on my local slope, am yet to fly one myself.

This is my local slope; possibly the nicest slope I've seen. It has slope's for ALL wind directions!
The Bwlch, South Wales
# # Please have a look around Kevin Newtons blog whilst you're there. # #