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Posted by MichaUT | Sep 21, 2014 @ 03:39 PM | 2,554 Views
My father and I have a running joke. When ever a new project starts, a new saw is in order. "Yes dear, I can build those new spice racks, but I'll need a new saw to cut in the detail(or what ever) you want. Off to Sears we go the pick up the new saw we wanted for a while, he he he
When the Giant Telemaster project started, I managed to do without the requisite new saw, till now.
First I rebuilt the trusty Craftsman 10"table saw with new bearings, and a custom zero clearance blade plate. Cutting small hardwood and plywood pieces were a little easier. Oh how I wanted one of Bryne's uber precise 4 inch table saws. But the price of the saw, and the accessories needed to cut angled stock are just not in the cards. The idea of needing to use an angled table with the non tilting blade didnt sit right either.
So the search was on, Micromark and similar saws are out there, but so close to the Brynes saw in price the only advantage they had was the tilting arbor. The DC frequency drive variable speed motors just seemed like another thing to go wrong.
Dremmel. Lots of reading and shopping. Used ones are plentiful and priced ok.
The specimens I could find were all of questionable heritage, used to death, rusty or lacked fences or miter guides. The golden ones get snapped up in a heart beat.
Finally one popped up on FleaBay, buy now or best offer. Several watchers but no offers yet, I make a reasonable offer, Think I saved 13 bucks from the BIN...Continue Reading
Posted by MichaUT | Mar 09, 2014 @ 03:01 PM | 6,433 Views
Gonna start the 2005 version. Got back from the copy store, don't want to cut up the original plans.
Picked up a fresh bottle of Titebond III as well.
Spending time to sort out the lumberyard, holy crap there is a lot of wood here.
Laying parts over the plans, kinda of a dry assembly. Love the laser cut ribs!

Side note, I found the original Invoice $274 plus $7.99 shipping!! Kit was bought in May 06 by a gentlemen in Fairfield CT.
Posted by MichaUT | Feb 13, 2014 @ 10:48 PM | 7,127 Views

The new"old" kit arrived today! Gloat gloat.
I am not a writer. this is my first attempt at blogging, so bear with me.
Plans are dated 1978 PFD's are floating around of the plans, have not seen any of the build directions. I will scan and see about converting them to PDF form. They are very different from what I've seen so far.
Quality of the kit is great, all the shaped parts, ribs etc. are machine sanded. No die crunching here!
Interesting detail, two struts per wing, round metal tubing.
Wonder why they ever went to the single built up version?
Wire push-rods, belcranks, a single aileron servo and boost tabs on the ailerons.
Landing gear mounting plate that bolts to the bottom of the fuse, removable stab assembly.
This beast is a blast from the past, called the Telemaster 144 on the material list. It's going to be interesting to learn about the evolution of the design.
There appear to be three versions thus far? 1978, 2005, 2011? perhaps an earlier version Telemaster 150? believed to be imported from England prior to the 78 version Looking for PDF of the plans and instructions for the 150Found PDF's, a little distorted still like to find scans from another source.Scored a virgin kit, undistorted scans soon to come!

Dec 24 2014
Yep Four versions! The 150 kit I found was purchased from Hobby Lobby, Shipped to me in the original HL double box. It was manufactured in England and imported by Hobby Lobby.

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