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Posted by catman529 | Jan 31, 2008 @ 08:49 AM | 5,728 Views
I'm a few days late in getting this out, but I found the remains of my first candle balloon. I thought the entire thing had burned up in the sky, but apparently it burned out before burning up. I saw it go out in the air and assumed it had been completely burned, until I found the remains lying on the ground a few days later...
Posted by catman529 | Jan 25, 2008 @ 09:31 PM | 9,416 Views
I made and flew my first ever candle hot air balloon. I've wanted to do it for about 5 years or more and I finally did it. Next one will be bigger, and will have foil around the candle bases - I think they caught the bamboo crossbar on fire, resulting in the whole balloon burning up in the air.

Here's the video
Posted by catman529 | Sep 26, 2007 @ 05:44 PM | 10,629 Views
I don't post in my blog a lot, but I thought it was about time I showed everyone the simulator I use. It's not an R/C sim, but it is pretty cool and you can even make your own scenery to fly in (scenery editor can be downloaded on the main site). Making aircraft & 3d objects isn't as easy (I haven't got into that yet) but currently I am working on my own group of islands, and most recently, St. Maarten island in the Caribbean.

I currently use the Realism version, which is better in my opinion:

Check it out. Here's some recent screenshots...
Posted by catman529 | Feb 22, 2007 @ 03:40 PM | 7,702 Views
On Feb. 4th I released one of my 5-foot solar tetroons. Two days later it was found in Hayesville, NC, approximately 230 miles away! My mini tetroons are made out of only 4 black trash bags! The material has to be thin to get lift.

I have been thinking of making an RC solar balloon (or blimp) that I could control the altitude with. For example, two motors would be used - one would power a fan which would blow air through the mouth into the balloon, an the other would power a device which would pull a top valve open to release air out of the balloon. When the valve was released it would seal again.

Another idea for releasing air is to only use one motor, and it would simply have to spin in reverse to suck the air out of the bottom of the balloon. This would probably be a lot less complex than designing a valve-opening system.

First, I would have to learn a lot about radio transmitters etc. I have pretty much no experience with it so it would take time before I could do this.

If and when I do I will post it here along with pics and maybe some videos.

If anybody who knows more about RC is interested in doing this, you will find all the info you need about solar balloons on my site: