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Posted by daddiozz | Dec 21, 2012 @ 01:08 PM | 5,258 Views
I'm a Sonic Liner fan.I've owned 3 0f them so far >The first I traded a long time ago ,the 2nd was lost due to signal loss and the third was stolen..I've often thought about building one from scratch using Steve Shumate's plans from the foamies scratch builders thread ,but for one reason or another ,it never got done. I'm about to change that.I'll try to update this as I go along ,....for now this is my unofficial build thread for my new Sconic Cruiser.

First things first .I was recently inspired to take on this project by some recent postings in the foamies (kit) threads specific to the Sonic Liner..My build will be based on Steve's plans ,however I've scaled those down by appx half .

For some time now ,since my stroke,I've been experiencing some visual problems and have been unable to see my parkflyers at any real distance and have for the past year or so been flying the relatively new class of "ultra micro" planes .I can fly these fairly close in and not lose orientation as I've frequently would with my parkflyers before.Most purchased from Horizon /Parkzone.

My SC will be based on the "guts" of the Parkzone "Mosquito".The Mossie ,is a twin engined plane with the motors set as "tractors".I initially considered modifying the SC with slots in the wing to accomadate the motors ,but first I consulted with Steve on his thoughts via PM.He offered an "out of the box" suggestion i hadnt thought of .The props on the...Continue Reading