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Posted by gtfreeflyer | Dec 16, 2011 @ 06:13 PM | 5,530 Views
So itís been about a week since Iíve flown, and after flying several times a week for the past few months I was badly itching to fly and I had my Edge 540T in my car.

12:00. Lunch break. Time to fly. I walked out of the building and got smacked by a wall of air moving quickly. The winds were blowing hard! I figured Iíd drive over to the field anyway to check what was going on. On my drive over there, I passed a large tree that had been uprooted and was laying on its side. I arrived at the field and it turned out I was the only one there. No surprise. I took the plane out of my car and walked over to the pits. Holding the plane was a monumental task of its own. The field is wide open, not many trees, and it is by the ocean. The winds were blowing even harder here than back at work. I was leaning into the wind to maintain my balance.

I set my plane down pointed into the wind, popped the canopy hatch and the wind just grabbed it out of my hand. By the time I turned my head to see where it went it was already 50-100 feet downwind. I took a few running steps to go get it when I heard the all too familiar sounds of my planeís wheels rolling. I turned back around and my Edge was in full flight mode, tail up in the air and headed straight backwards at me, fast! Oops, I should have thought about that one. I caught it, placed it up against a post, and got some exercise when I retrieved the canopy. Okay, so as much as I advocate flying in the wind since it...Continue Reading