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Posted by brosenguy | Jul 05, 2009 @ 12:11 PM | 5,992 Views
In Oct of 2008 I bought the Hyperion Edge 540t 25e from All e RC for $94.95. Motor: HXT35-42-1250 (axi 2820-10) (Hobby City)
ESC: E-Flite 40 amp brushless
Batteries: Zippy R 3s 2500mah lipo from Hobby City
Servos: HItec HS65HB and HS81

Had to beef up the landing gear mounting area.
I mounted Gee Bee floats to it and flew it off the water at Hogan Lake. It flew just great... until the ESC shut down the motor and I crashed into the mud. I have since repaired it, flown it, and cut cooling holes in the cowl near the ESC.
Bought a CC THUNDERBIRD-54 ESC to replace the marginal E-Flite 40 amp ESC.
Posted by brosenguy | Apr 18, 2008 @ 01:25 AM | 7,364 Views
Goldberg Anniversary Cub kit (old die cut kit)
HXT 50-65B-350 outrunner from Hobby City
hexTronik PRO 80A BESC
14x10 APC E prop
ZIPPY-R 2500mAh 21-35C 3S1P (using 2 3cell packs in series)
Weight 7LBS with battery

First flight was 4 minutes on the new 2500 battery pack. Only used up about half the pack. Second flight was for 6 minutes at half throttle. Still had plenty of battery left.
Building Great Planes 40 size floats for it.
Posted by brosenguy | Aug 26, 2007 @ 08:59 PM | 8,288 Views
Here is the list of planes I have owned since I got started in the hobby in 1999.

Great Planes PTE kit, initially powered by the speed 600 direct drive motor that came with the kit. Battery pack: 7 cell 1000mah to 2400mah nicads. Flying weight: 3 pounds. Then powered by a United Hobbies HXT 35-42 1250kv Brushless Outrunner (Eq: AXi 2820) and HW_P40A/2165 H-Wing Pentium 40amp Speed Controller. Mounted Gee Bee FLOATS and flew it off water. Trashed. Motor and floats went to the Edge 540t.

Multiplex Twinstar with stock speed 400's. Bit the dust in a midair collision.

SR Batteries X250 kit initially powered by the geared speed 400 motor that SR recommended. Currently powered by a direct drive Mega 16-15-6, with a 8 x 4 APC E prop. Battery pack: 10 cell 500mah nicads, or 3S 2100 lithium. Flying weight: 24 ounces. Wing has been replaced by a scratch built semi-symmetrical one. Great sport flyer. Crashed and trashed.

Great Planes Electrostreak kit with stock speed 600. Bit the dust when the signal was lost. (Radio glitch)

Great Planes Ryan STA EP kit, initially powered by a Astro 05 geared, later with a Axi 2820-10 direct, 12 x 8 APC E prop and 7cell 2400mah nicads. 3 pounds flying weight. Great sport flyer. Bought a new Axi 2820-10, the old one had bearings that were worn out. Now flying with a 11 x 7 APC E prop and 3S 2500mah Lipos.

Sig Jenny park flyer ARF, powered by the stock geared motor. Monofilament fllying wires added to increase dihedral. Retired.
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