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Posted by tele1974 | Sep 18, 2011 @ 05:56 PM | 5,489 Views
Wow that summer went fast. Kids in school means it's foamy flying where ever and when ever I get a chance. And Monday flying at the field. I have been putting alot of flights on my ParkMaster. I really think it is the best flying profile foamy in its size right now. It tracks well, you can fly through a IMAC or pattern sequence and then bring it right in on the deck. The wing is really thin and its fast and stable in high alpha. I have tested it's durability at least 10 plus times and with a little CA and some more carbon here and their and it still tracks well. EPP just gets soft after awhile. Good job Multiplex. I hope they release another.
Posted by tele1974 | Sep 13, 2011 @ 08:48 PM | 5,343 Views
We had great weather this summer for flying which is strange for Cleveland. I attended the pattern contest at the Weak Signals field and an IMAC contest in I placed first in pattern in the Sportsman class and second in the basic IMAC class. I really enjoyed the pattern contest, the gentleman their were very helpful. I hooked up with this crazy man named Dennis on Thursday and we practiced all day and I learned enough to keep me busy for a life time. I picked different callers each round and learned something from each of them. IMAC was quite a different environment. You need to either know someone or be flying a Carden to get help. But that's not going to stop me from attending. Maybe someday I be flying a big bird and have the opportunity to rush that fraternity. For the beginner I would definitely reccomend trying pattern first. The guys are very helpful and you can fly a relatively inexpensive airframe and be competitive. I flew a very used GP Venus, that I paid 400 RTF. And I could fly it through intermediate. In scale 400 is going to get you a few servos. I sure many will disagree with that statement. Both were a great time and I learned alot and if my schedule permits I will be attending both on them next year.