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Posted by Roguedog | Nov 19, 2017 @ 09:36 PM | 1,991 Views
Hey fellow Classic Pattern Enthusiasts,

Image updates - Just want to post a link to the submissions thread for Classic Pattern Plane images that you'd like to see in the Gallery.

Sorry for neglecting the Image Gallery. I have several other online projects that I'm focusing on right now.

I have a large cache of images, actully the second part of an update I started but haven't finished, i think its M thru Z planes collected over the, eek!, last few years. So haven't lost interest, just a lack of time issue.

Here's the link to the submissions thread I started for adding photos. RCG-s-Classic-Image-Gallery-update-A-Z-planes submission thread.

Post them here and I'll eventually get them in the Gallery.

Hope to update the Gallery soon.