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Posted by eastwood1 | Dec 13, 2012 @ 08:31 PM | 2,834 Views
So, I solved this Dark Harbor 17 mystery with some determined detective work. As I examined the two kits more closely, I realized that there was a complete set of unopened bags and complete set of plans for one kit and, after some close examination, I realized there was an equal amount of parts and materials for a second kit, albeit not in the original bags. Also, I copied the original set of plans at Staples and they actually came out nice and crisp. So, now I'm selling the second, complete kit on eBay. If you're interested, please visit this link:

Posted by eastwood1 | Oct 25, 2012 @ 09:28 AM | 2,729 Views
I'm hoping someone on this forum can help me sort out a mystery. I recently discovered two Dark Harbor 17 (by Laughing Whale) boat kits among my late brother's effects. Unfortunately, he had opened both kits and they seem to be intermingled. I believe all the parts are there, but I'm not certain. Would it be possible for one of you out there to post photos of the contents of your Dark Harbor 17 kit and/or a PDF of the plans and parts list? I would use this information to verify the contents of my kits. I've included a photo below of the two kits I have. I believe these kits may have been purchased in the 1980s. Also, it appears these kits are still available from this site:

Thanks for your help