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Posted by zipdaman12 | Feb 13, 2007 @ 09:38 PM | 2,042 Views
So, a buddy of mine told me that he wanted to go to Radio Shack to et a small helicopter that he saw on some website. I little spark went off and I agreed to go immediately. I fell in love immediately wn I saw it. I didn't jump right away, but when I got back to the office I checked out some videos on You Tube. I was hooked. I went teh next day and got it. I flew tha thing until I burned teh motors out basically. It was great, but then I soon realized that there were severe limiations. Hover is good and all, but there was not much more that cold be done with it. so.................. My mind wanders
Posted by zipdaman12 | Feb 13, 2007 @ 04:54 PM | 2,148 Views
Hello. This is an attempt to record all of what transpires when you mix an individual with the propensity for toy addiction into the world of RC helicopters.

I have always been enamoured by helicopter flight. The act of hovering still blows my mind considering all that needs to take place from the pure Physics point of view alone. I remember as a child I first laid eyes on an RC Helicopter at my uncles house. It was left there by a second cousin of mine and it looked SOOOO cool. It was gas powered of course and it seemed larger than life. I hinted many times to my uncle many times about wanting it but it never happened. Life would go on and helicopter flight was just too complex and expensive for me. That is until I met the Mosquito....