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Posted by jstoll | May 17, 2009 @ 06:21 PM | 3,327 Views
things got tight as it is with everyone so I parted out the drag car
there is quite a bit of one off parts I built on there
many many hours of blood & sweat, cant remember any tears though :-)
god knows how long it would sit waiting for me to finish it
my wifes volvo poped out of park & took out the front end
when things pick up Ill build something but we need the dough now

the up shot I had everything worth dough sold in one day at least got comittments from the buyers

I was gona get that 2.3 FWD into the low mid 11s

I have a 78 datsun B210 here though :-) maybe I can put a saab engine in that :-)

take care