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Posted by jstoll | Mar 15, 2009 @ 05:17 PM | 3,557 Views
I had to get out of flying for a while simply because I couldent afford it & I think I had maybe gotten too obsessed with it
I did start to feel like I had made a few friends here & I just stopped coming on which was maybe rude on my part (sorry)

Im going to start flying again soon & I really want to go to seff

big things in my life now are that ofcourse tuning has slowed to a crawl as well as one of the engine management systems I work with got freewared, this cut my income by about $1000 a month or more.
Im trying like hell to get the word out there in the asheville area that there is a good independant saab/volvo tech here but I never really advertized for repair ...... I had hoped that I could use my brain more then my body (Im 42 & feel like Im 52) but you got to do what you can to get bye

it is scary to be the man of a household & bareley make enough money to get bye

& still have a beautiful & loving family
I do still make payments to the bank on my house :-)
I still eat good food
& if I really take it easy I might even be able to fly planes as I was just tearing up too much stuff before

anyway I dont want to depress you all just wanted to share whats up with me at this point in time
thanks for being here
take care