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Posted by Indgroove | Jan 04, 2013 @ 09:14 PM | 5,554 Views
Last summer I went to the NATS and watch the big gliders fly. I said I want to try it so several months later I got a used Xplorer and Satori. The week after Christmas Craig Brownlee help me set things up and he instructed me on hi start launches. Joe Sherran sold me a winch (he pretty much gave it to me for what I paid for it.) Thanks Joe.

Today, A week later I had the field to myself so I set up the hi start and launched. I didnt crash and no pop offs. So it went well. I will need to make some adjustments on launch setting. I just learned that I should hi start launch the Satori with no camber. Will try that tomorrow. I will concentrate on the Satori until I get comfortable. It reminds me of way the DLG Validol flys. It likes speed.

Getting the F3J birds in the air is work. After 12 launches my arm was tired.
This flying with no motor does something for me. I like it!!!