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Posted by Indgroove | Nov 17, 2012 @ 05:53 AM | 5,211 Views
Flew the Pumpkin Chunk. It was good. Flew the best I ever did. Finished in the middle 15th. Flew the light Validol most of the time. It has legs and I was more willing to take chances.
I teamed up with Don Cleveland. Great timer and flyer. I learned much from him this year. Thanks Don!!! (Now I have to remember it all.)

I timed for Frank in the finals. Learned alot by watching him work. Wow. I hope I didnt mess him up to bad. He finished 3rd.

I helped several new guys too. This is a great hobby and sport. Everyone helping every one even to the point where you help the guy do better than you.

Well, time to practice for next year. See you at next year in Fla.