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Posted by Indgroove | Feb 23, 2012 @ 10:51 AM | 6,245 Views
Flew the San Felasco contest. Really enjoyed it. I learned a lot and had some lessons reinforced. Received instruction on flying in wind. The trip was worth that alone. Got tips on reading wind streamers. Each experienced timer imparted much wisdom. I appreciate it very much - Thank you!!!
Frank helped me tune my green Blaster 2. I am happy to hear that his infant is in good health.
I made new friends. Buddy & Walt Roos. Ivo Plachy & his wife. Ivo and I timed for each other often.
Had a midair on one of my best flights. Taped it up and flew the rest of the day with it. Got home and made the repair.
Looking forward to the next contest!!!