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Posted by Jasta_66 | Sep 21, 2007 @ 07:04 AM | 4,542 Views
My Stuka project has now reached version 7, as version 6 (wellenmuster) "played out" in only a week.
The maiden was maybe one of my best. It leaped off the ground in about 3 feet. Tremendous glide. Unlimited vert. No funny stall tendencies. I was very happy, as this was the culmination of 6 months of flying the Stuka design.
The plane flew so well that I began to push it further and further...yanking into hard banks and diving from greater heights than I ever had before.
All this was weakening the wing. I knew they were suspect already, because I had made them from 1/4 inch protection board instead of prefered depron.
Well, on the fourth flight, while I was way up getting ready for a dive,, one of the wings snapped at the root, and the plane came down. Hard. I fixed it up, but it never flew as good as it did those first four flights. And, a re-acuring fault in my landing gear design caused the inboard wing panels to form cracks on landings. They just wern't strong enough. All the added glue eventually made the wings like rubber, and I had to retire and strip her for parts...for version 7 (which is ready for its maiden!)
Anyways...here's a tribute video of some of version 6's flying.
Posted by Jasta_66 | Sep 12, 2007 @ 11:04 PM | 4,507 Views
Ive started an He "162 Salamander" build program. Im starting with profile, prop-driven versions, then going on to a full-fuse pusher.
The first profile is a tractor config with the motor mounted at the front of the jet nacelle. Flying weight with battery is 9 oz (was 8oz at maiden...1oz worth od glue and repairs since). Wingspan is 24" and lenth is 27". It is scale dimensions except for slightly oversize tail surfaces, slightly increased wing dihedral, and slightly raised nacelle profile.
Control is unconventional. Oversized elevons on the horizontal tail are plugged into the aileron and elevator ports on the reciever, but the tansmiter is set for "V-tail" mode. The plane's tail is not a proper V-tail, being only 170 degrees or so. But it works and the plane can go right, left, and up and down. It just takes a bit of getting used to, and right turns are drastically differnt than left.
A short video from some of the early flights is here: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=737321

Ive been flying it for about two weeks now and she's getting a bit battered. Im better on the sticks with these controls, but I dont really like them for a full fuse, so now I may go straight to a full-fuse rear-mount pusher with a Kfm bottom-step wing, but with ailerons and traditional elevator set-up.
Posted by Jasta_66 | Sep 04, 2007 @ 04:23 PM | 4,345 Views
Here is my profile 24" wingspan F4D Skyray..plans by gpw. Flies great slow and fast. Top paintjob is a "louise" Mustang style with invasion stripes, bottom is Old Glory. Short vid here:https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=737483
Posted by Jasta_66 | Aug 18, 2007 @ 02:37 PM | 4,620 Views
Its starting to get where if I dont have a new plane to maiden about once a week, I get antsy. So yesterday I started thinking about a "combat" plane...even though I rarely fly with anyone else to have combat against!
I wanted to protect the prop, and Ive only flown tractors before, so I went mid-mount. I had good successes with the giant elevons on my "goldfish", so I went with the whole horizontal tails being able to move. I had great successes with the rhomboid- shaped Dart wing before and the "dartXS" layout (no fuse forward of wing,horizontal tail touching wing, ect...). Of course, now that Im a full blown Kline-Fogleman airfoil disciple, the plane has a 50% top step KFm airfoil. Its little "beak" reminded me of a Wren's, so that's what I called it.
So, I had a maiden flight and all this morning...went OK...not my best maiden...6 flights, 2 battery's worth, about 25 min in all...no major crashes...no damage at all . But...its very underpowered with the blue wonder motor. Not enough KV for a pusher, I suppose...I just put a pink wonder 1500kv this afternoon and we'll see how that goes this eve when the wind dies. Im flying an 8X6 slowfly prop on it right now, but Im going to try out a few others as well.
Anyways, Im still working out the kinks! Short video here from maiden:

Posted by Jasta_66 | Aug 14, 2007 @ 05:09 PM | 4,335 Views
Ive had this 36" profile Eddie Rickenbacher Nieuport 28 flying for a couple of weeks now. Mirrored KFm airfoils and a Himax 2808. I had to add a manual coupler to add a rudder for slow speed turning, as the low wing ailerons only wouldnt do it.

Also I had to clean out my camera of videos, so I threw together a few of them and added music. its at: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=727473
Posted by Jasta_66 | Jul 29, 2007 @ 09:39 PM | 4,461 Views
I got my 35" profile Super Chipmunk up today. It flys well, it just Im not quite up to its speed yet. Here's a short video from this evening:
My attempts at aerobatics are not shown, as they ended with crashes...one very severe But not bad enough to keep it grounded for more than a day.

Posted by Jasta_66 | Jul 28, 2007 @ 09:00 AM | 4,252 Views
Well, when I got back from Santa Fe, my package from united hobbies had arrived. I rigged up a 32" SE5a biplane design from Tony65X55, that had been sitting completed on my bench for months. Here's a short video of the maiden flight. It flies great!
Posted by Jasta_66 | Jul 20, 2007 @ 07:48 AM | 4,407 Views
I just found out about this "blog" stuff! So here goes...

My building has come to an end for now...Im leaving for Santa Fe tommorro.
But Im very happy with the success of the "Goldfish" saucer. Flew in moderate winds yesterday, and it did pretty good. Ive only got 4 planes flying right now; Im waiting for an order from united that will get me up to 6. Plus I have 2 full fuselage planes ready to fly (but Im afraid to crash them!).
When I say "ready to fly", I mean an airframe with motor, esc, and servos installed...only needs battery and receiver. I only have 2 rec right now (spectrum is expensive), but its not too difficult to switch between planes. It helps to mark the servo wires, so you dont have to follow each one back each time to determine what it is...elv, ail, ect....

So right now Im flying the 17" "goldfish", a 23" dart, a 34" Stealth Sport (given to me by gpw), and a Hobbyzone Super Cub on brushed 380 and NiCads. I fly the Cub when I dont have a fresh Lipo charged yet, or I also let begginers and my wife fly it around. Ill take the Cub up in almost any wind, as well as the Dart...its like a kite without a string!

Heres some recent video of "Goldfish": https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=713175

My stukas are hangerd right now...stripped of their motors, but still with servos mounted.