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Posted by Efliernz | Feb 07, 2007 @ 02:24 PM | 5,531 Views
01 October 2012

After 5 years and over 600 alarms heading into 28 countries, I do not make them any more. All my new machines use the Quanum 2.4 telemetry system. From the feedback I still get, my alarms have saved hundreds of models. I'll take that


Where is New Zealand? We are 1100 miles east of Australia in the South pacific - http://www.innz.co.nz/about/location.html

Now available - info and ordering from efliernz.googlepages.com

I make Low-volt alarms for those who are not able to do it themselves. I ship them worldwide and as at 2/8/07 have over 160 in helis, planes and boats.

My alarms are based on voltage measurement, not cells. That means that you adjust them (with a knob) to the voltage you want. Great for non-lipo applications like A123 and Emoli cells.

All alarms connect across the esc/battery connector, across the esc/battery wires or across the balance plug of the battery.

3-4S field-adjustable for 9.5v-14v

Two models available for 3 to 4 S applications:

(A) 3-4S-P has a 93dB piezo. It fits between the rear boom stays of a Trex450 or similar. It is available for $23.

(B) 3-4SL which has a cluster of 4 x 10mm red leds on a fibreglass plate. It also fits between the boom stays or under the heli chassis. Fits nicely under a Lepton and Swift 4S. It is available for $26

5-7S field-adjustable for 16.6v-26v US$35

(C) 6 x 10mm ultrabright leds on a fibreglass plate. Ideally for the Trex600 sized machine but it does fit well shining through a hole in the floor of an electric F3A pattern fuselage.

8-10S field-adjustable for 26v-36v US$40

(D) The 8-10S alarm uses the same light panel as the 5-7S.

I ship worldwide (US$6 total per order).
Cheaper rates to NZ and Australian modellers.
I accept Paypal.

Any questions or requests, simply email or PM me.
Posted by Efliernz | Feb 07, 2007 @ 02:21 PM | 5,204 Views
Welcome to Peter Kirby, Blog, from Hamilton, New Zealand.[SIZE=4]

Where I hear you ask??? http://www.innz.co.nz/about/location.html