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Posted by fredo21 | Jan 16, 2010 @ 11:21 PM | 9,659 Views
Putting together a scratch built 40-60 Size electric Das Ugly Stick based on Guy Fullers CAD diagrams updated by Jason Niemier in 2007.
Cad Plans from:

My modification plans include:
  • Bomb Drop mechanism.
  • Tail Dragger with mounting holes drilled and mounts installed for easy conversion to a Trike.
  • Electric conversion. 60-70 size eqiv electric motor and battery mounts. Lighten the structure where possible.
  • Built up and sheeted fin.

This blog will not be full build details just misc pictures throughout my build.

Power System
Turnigy C5065-400 Motor

1. Cutting out the wing ribs.
The rib template set is cut from MDF using a band saw and sander.
I decided only one rib template set would be needed to cut out 16 identical ribs. The differences between the inner and outer balsa ribs are the servo lead hole and a bigger center spar slot to accommodate the double center spar. My plan is to hand enlarge the center spar slot for those ribs which need it and all ribs will get the servo hole(handy if you want to run wires out to the wing tips ).
The center ply ribs get done one by one.
2. I have cut out center ply rib, firewall and the wing support bulkhead from 6mm(2x3mm laminated) ply sheet. Added two sub-ribs of balsa to the center rib to support the wing sheeting around the wing mounting tab. Drilled holes in the firewall for the electric motor mount, rear motor shaft,...Continue Reading