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Posted by GFBurke | Feb 18, 2010 @ 02:55 AM | 10,271 Views
Well, don't get too excited to see the final result. My camera cannot show what it really looks like at night. For instance it exaggerates the left/right brightness difference (there is one, just not that bad) and looks like the right side is too dark to see. Also, this is not as pretty as a nice $70 kit. This is just 'light shining on your non-back-lite LCD". However, I assure you, I'm very happy and can see the whole LCD on my 9303 at night. I did sacrifice my "throttle hold switch" for the LED system. However I never plan to use "throttle hold". but you can wire it up how you want too.

It's pretty basic and cost me.. well.. nothing really. I had the buy the LED's at one point... but that was about it. I have tons of CAT5 cable laying around and solder too. These are white SuPER BRIGHT LED strips. But the way I mounted them, it's the side shine of the LEDs.

My 9303 already has a 3s lipo installed. These LEDs run on 2s or 3s directly (7v-13v is fine for them). So basically, I put in 6 LEDs and run them off the 3s lipo when I hit "throttle hold".

The pics are pretty self explanatory. In the end, I wired the 2 negatives to the battery connection, and the two positives to the switch. Then put a wire from the positive battery connection to the other point on the switch.

If someone can do a 9303 with less LEDs, show us how! ...Continue Reading