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Posted by GFBurke | Nov 29, 2007 @ 11:48 PM | 12,710 Views
Every test done with the Astro 101, Castle ESCs and CSRC lipos

SlowStick power setup test.
(this setup)
BP 08 motor, 3s lipo 1600mAH, 9x4.7 prop = 8.4A @ 91W WOT
(.1A generated from 2 LEDs)

JGF 450XT, 3s lipo, 10x4.7 prop = 13.2A @140W
JGF 450XT, 3s lipo, 9x4.7 prop = 8.4A @ 95W

Reno Racer power setup test
(this setup)
BP A2208-12 motor, 2s lipo 1250mAh, 8x4 E prop = 11.0A @ 75w WOT

Brushless FP belt power setup test
(.. ok scary test).
Arc110 motor, 3s lipo 800mAh, M24 blades = 5.7A @ 64W WOT
(.1A generated from 2 LEDs)

Pico Tiger Moth brushless power setup test
HXT 28-22-azj 7A 1400Kv motor, 8x3.8 prop, 2s lipo 800mAh = 6.0-6.3A @45W WOT

HyperFlea power setup test
Stock motor, stock prop, 2s lipo 1250mAh 10c= 12.0-12.4A @73W WOT
Stock motor, 6x4 Windsor black/square prop, 2s lipo 1250mAh 10c= 10.1A @67W WOT


Lynx power setup test
EDF x-Fan setup, 3s lipo 1500mAh 15c= 21A @220W WOT


SuperFly power test
this setup
- 3s lipo: 3s lipo 1500mAh 15c= 16.2A @160W WOT
- 2s lipo: 2s lipo 1250mAh 10c= 9.3A @62W WOT


36in FS RiteWing lightning
Arc 110 with 4.5x4.1 prop
- 3s lipo: 2200mAh 15c= 16A @160W WOT


Stryker power test
TowerPro 2409-12T motor
7x6E prop
Mystery 2200 15C 3s lipo
= 17.5A @170W WOT
(coke bottle cap method of mounting the TP 12T )
Posted by GFBurke | Nov 28, 2007 @ 06:33 PM | 11,623 Views
The little kitten found the cat fight disgusting

Posted by GFBurke | Nov 21, 2007 @ 07:06 PM | 11,628 Views
Pico TM = APC SF 8x3.8
SS = BP motor- SF 9x4.7 / with JGF 450XT- SF 10x3.8
RR = 2s lipo- 8x4 thin electric / 3s lipo - ?

5g servos
9g servos

GWS props
Posted by GFBurke | Nov 13, 2007 @ 11:34 AM | 12,348 Views
Ok ok. I had the Jenny, but it was just too weak as far as construction. So, I need something, slow, quite, small for the neighborhood. I will end up making this thing really glow.

Berg 4
CSRC 8C 2s 800mAh lipo
2 eSky servos
Prop saver
0572 size O-Ring

232g with no lipo - all up weight.
6.0-6.3A @45W WOT

pictures and some write up