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Posted by GFBurke | Jun 17, 2007 @ 08:03 PM | 6,783 Views
Ok, just built a King II. Here are the specs:

Esky 3900kv (shaved flat spot - 9T pinion)
Otter 25A ESC
5v BEC
Berg 7p RX
Telebee HH Gyro
CSRC 1250 10C 3s lipo's
Airtronics super 6000 RX
Trex 450 skid set
Trex 450 canopy
stock servos

Airtronics and Berg 7P settings:

Berg 7P
CH1 - Elev servo
CH2 - AIL servo
CH3 - ESC power
CH4 - HH Gyro
CH5 - X
CH6 - PIT servo
CH7 - X

Airtronics 6000
Elev - reversed
AL - reversed
RU - reversed
F-mode - N


newer pic

I have turned it on, and tested power and small spool ups. However, things I know need to be done:

- Blade tracking *
- Tail/servo tuning and adjustment (HH etc) *
- trimmed all around mechanically *
- TX is working fine, however I want this heli setup and saved as "heli 1" or whatever and know how to switch to another craft
- Setup the timer on the TX and time my lipo's . I don't have a digital readout on my charger/balancer to test and estimate flight time
- wire cleanup
Posted by GFBurke | Jun 15, 2007 @ 01:29 AM | 5,625 Views
Link for me.
the typhoon II PNP .

Ok, just bought

Typhoon 1 - new
2 jr mini servos on the ailerons
2 gws servos on elevator and rudder
typhoon brushless motor
25amp CC brushless esc

all built up and trimmed.

If I ever want "version 2", I can just buy the wings.

good servos to get later