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Posted by schrederman | Dec 24, 2012 @ 10:55 PM | 10,514 Views
We are alone this year. Our 3 children have things set up so that this year they are with their in-laws for Christmas, but were all here at Thanksgiving. So, sitting here after giving Dee Dee her gift, I was just thinking about this crazy hobby. I had just read a bit more about the Houston Hawk and the most recent build. It just won't die... But... that's not a bad thing. It's really amazing when I think about it. It all came down from my own impatience. I wanted others to have the satisfaction of flying their own creations, but they seemed to lack the confidence to try. My mission in that project was to give others the skills and confidence to build their own. Probably the most striking of these was AJ... as he had never built a model before. We, as a club, got him through it, and he is still flying #2 in Houston on a regular basis.

I didn't plan for this to make me well-known, or (in)famous in the R C Soaring world, etc... but that came about through these forums. It happened... I have friends, though I've never laid eyes on some of them, all over the world. Others I've flown with in my moving around I miss a lot. This part has been completely rewarding. I remember my friend Chuck in Houston telling me that this was a big deal. I dismissed that at the time. However, when I arrive at a new field, and introduce myself, and someone says... " Oh, I know who you are..." and vigorously pumps my arm with a smile... well, it finally sinks in.

How many of you could help others in the same way? Pass the baton along so everyone will not be flying just what the ARF manufacturers will put out. Think you can't design...? Have you tried...? Give it a whirl... I had just about given up on the Journey and El Jefe, but tonight my fond thoughts of my good friends has spurred me on... It's the BEST!!! That feeling of having good friends....