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Posted by schrederman | Jul 31, 2012 @ 07:41 PM | 10,201 Views
Hello sports fans.... Well, my job sorta went south on me. As of 7-16-2012, I'm a technician again. I retreated by my own choice and I'm currently working 15-hour days and living in my RV in Weatherford, Texas... and driving back to Amarillo on weekends to mow and pick up a load to place in storage. The wife is packing all her books so my truck was squatted a bit coming back Sunday. I had wanted to remain a Telecom Manager until I retire in about 5 years, but my BS meter got pegged a couple of times... and the last time was all I could stand. It would be a bit of a cut in pay without overtime, but there's so much to do that I will not suffer loss... if I can hold up to the hours... Well, I'm actually working less hours, but actually working. After 17 years as a manager, this took quite a few in our upper management by surprise... but the peace of mind is well worth it... I actually look forward to coming in each day... I'll be back to building and flying soon... Someone need a home in Amarillo with a 7-acre home flying field?