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Posted by schrederman | Jan 17, 2011 @ 10:45 PM | 12,488 Views
Being a telecommunications professional... and a technician... I was a little skeptical when the manufacturers came out with this new-fangled 2.4GHz stuff... We use a lot of frequency-hopping 2.4 and 5.8 GHz equipment where I work, and we DO get interference, sometimes. I have to say that it was hard for me to give up old reliable... my JR XP-9303 on 72MHz... and all those trusted receivers, but the time came. I found a SD-10-G from Airtronics a few months ago at a good price, and jumped on it. I was horrified when I heard about the problems at the NATS. Was it no good?

I finally decided to either sell the 9303 and buy some Rxs or sell the SD-10 and forget about 2.4 for a while. The 9303 went up for sale. I got enough out of it to buy 3 of the new 6-channel Rxs that are FHHS-3, and then of course work happened. I finally had the time and weather to get deeply into this over the past weekend. I have to say, it's an adventure going from one programming scheme that you're used to... to another. However, I've flown all my models on this wonder of the marvelous modern age... and I love this thing!

That being said, if you're just getting into this portion of the hobby, there isn't a much better radio for you than the JR 9303... that's now the 9503 if you buy new. Great deals can be had on gently-used 9303s, even the 2.4 models. I paid $579- for mine about 3 years ago, and sold it with some Rxs for $250- shipped... and it could be converted to 2.4 easily and cheaply...

I am glad I picked the new Airtronics. I like the fact that I'm not looking for a spot to place a satellite Rx... and that as my amigo Dan put it... it's Marine proof...... It's a great radio for the money... Enjoy!