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Posted by isvana | Mar 13, 2010 @ 06:16 PM | 4,007 Views
SO.... my Formosa 2 has been built but unflown for over a year, so with the recent acquisition of some reasonable output batteries (1600 mAh 20C) it was time to take to the air.

The Formosa is pretty stock, but with a D gearing EPS-D twin-brushed motor and HD1280 prop (~ 180W then). Other non-stock adaptations were as follows.
- As usual the battery bay is designed around a NiMH pack (ie flatter, wider) so the bay cover (under the wing) won't fit over a typical 3S LiPo - this then ran "open to air" with some foam to keep the battery in position behind the stock velcro straps.
- the undercarriage wire seems far too flimsy, so I'd attached some thin carbon stiffeners. But I chose poorly and the wire still wasn't stiff enough. 2" narrow foam wheels used.

Flying conditions weren't ideal: the BBC claimed 8mph winds but on the meadow it seemed stronger (and chilling!). The flying site grass seemed short, so a ROG seemed worth trying.

Flight 1: Took off in 6' / 2m, but immediately went into a vertical climb travelling backwards in the wind (too much elevator)... it headed downwind without me gaining control so I chopped throttle and tried to maintain a level attitude... PRANG!. Only visible damage was a wheel popped off as it nosed over. Easily popped back on and the (GWS plastic) retainer held it in... reminder to self to put in some better wheel stops.

Flight 2: Take off next time was much more successful. Climbed well, but didn't make much headway...Continue Reading