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Posted by isvana | Nov 01, 2009 @ 01:26 AM | 4,383 Views
Lost all control and plane tipped into a vertical dive, never recovering. Not long up on a new battery, so difficult to pin the blame:
- brown-out on the Spektrum AR6100 RX? Will its the updated firmware version, and range was not far...
- low battery on the DX6i TX? No it was not complaining at all, showing 5-5.5v.
- binding lost? All controls worked fine prior to launch!

Although I killed throttle before it "went in" I don't know if the control was executed on the plane (it didn't particularly "power in", so maybe).

So it was strange that control was lost. My current guess is that the higher rated battery (a 20C 2200 battery) may have overloaded the stock Eflite 25A ESC.

Plane piled in vertically and broke just behind the detachable nose. Damage was:
- motor mount detached; one of the motor leads left its plug in the ESC socket...
- battery ejected
- front part of wing "kangarooed"

This was already a rebuild of the 1st Stryker, so its now been send to styrofoam (Z-foam/whatever) heaven. The guts will go into a foamjet, but with a CC35 ESC and a 2-channel Spektrum RC (AR500 maybe). And I'm going to change the gubbins' power connectors to Deans. Oh well...