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Posted by isvana | Oct 24, 2009 @ 04:50 PM | 4,094 Views
Finished the P-51 the other week. This was an old EPS-300C kit, and needed a repair to the fuselage side and non-aileron parts of the wing trailing edge - out-of-the-box - hmmmm... not a good start! Used GWS contact cement for the repairs and they're pretty unnoticable.

Mods were:
- battery compartment carved out for a 3S 1200 LiPo
- motor changed to a Skatty / Eskay 400XT, HD9075 prop, suitable drilled out P-51 spinner (sticky tape tabs keep it attached to the back hub of the prop), and an alu stick mount (Cobra?) that allowed up-down adjustment to locate the prop properly
- mid-fuse carved out to allow the aileron servo to use DuBro ezconnectors - not much room in the wing saddle!
- suitable pilot - Souchong the cat (photo-on-depron)
- no undercarriage for grass use except tailwheel
- DuBro (small) nylon hinges.

Build: only real hassle was my hotwire broke cutting the air intake under the wing. So it now looks messy and I used some velcro on the wing saddle to "hide the gap"...
Added some small depron behind the servos to locate the (Schulze aka Euro-ized Berg) RX. Aerial exits the aft radiator duct.
More small depron adds a ridge to locate a foam plug in the cockpit to keep the battery from moving. ESC located alongside the battery.

AUW was 13.5 oz or thereabouts, with a ~80g 3S 1200 battery.

Power test: about 11A on 3S with the HD9075 prop. This is a bit much for the XT400 but (a) some of the prop is blanked by the large prop spinner (OK, its the inside that doesn't have much effect, but still...) and it won't be much used at full throttle.

Maiden flights: v nice. The 400XT is great, and seems to launch/fly much better than my Spit/EPS400C. Aileron throw is maybe too low vs elevator. Landings were nice flops in from 2-3 ft. No tip stalls. Very nice! Only hassle was the canopy / battery cover popping off on the 3rd test flight, but no damage done and safe landing enacted.

So far: very impressed! )