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Posted by bluesman101 | Jan 14, 2007 @ 10:09 AM | 2,195 Views
My Megatech Capitol Nitro flyer with dihedral removed. It has a G-51 and it flies like an Extra. The wing used to match the fuse but I customized it with a stop sign. It's a good fix tho. My Sportster has been on the bench way more than in the air. Recently I hit a pole taxiing to the gate while repositioning my hand for the kill was cold out.

Posted by bluesman101 | Jan 11, 2007 @ 01:54 PM | 2,287 Views
Hello everyone,

Here are some pictures of my flying club and some planes. AMPS is about 300 members at present and we have a significant number of winter guests visiting us this time of year. It usually doesn't seem too crowded except sometimes on the weekends...then it's like a party...very entertaining. One picture (if I can get it) is my yellow Aerobat sitting in the dirt below the brush line. To the right at the same level is a coyote walking away. He came out of the brush when I dead sticked her in and went sniffing around the plane. I was a little slow on the shutter because I was just standing there with my mouth open hoping he wouldn't take a bite The little cutie with Santa is my 10 year old grandaughter Lisi
Posted by bluesman101 | Jan 07, 2007 @ 05:52 PM | 2,605 Views
Several of us at my field have a 25 to 30 minute drive to the field. A friend in my area said he found a new residential area for custom homes 2 miles from our houses. Big wide roads and four way intersections and not a house in sight. I checked it out and it is great! I pulled out my Capitol Nitro Flyer and took off. My 1st time flying away from the field and it felt really good. I thought I'd try some touch & gos but before I could touch I hit a stop sign. I hit the wing on the top of the sign and spiraled in from 8 feet up. Destroyed the wing but the rest of the plane looks ok. I think it will live. A word to the wise...
Posted by bluesman101 | Jan 03, 2007 @ 07:56 PM | 2,200 Views
I arrived at AMPS Air Field in North Phoenix about 10:00 AM and began installing the wing. I had just a slight case of the jitters because I've been anticipating this moment for a month. I connected the ailerons, positioned the wing and lashed her down good with 12 rubber bands. I survived a bout with the flu, Christmas and New Year Holiday; now it was my time. Still, I was hesitant, you know, like when you feel like you're forgetting something but you don't know what. So, I did a leisurely range check. Then I checked and rechecked the trims. Well it looks like it's getting a little windy, maybe I'll wait or just start her up and warm up the Tower Pro 46 I've been didling with for the last month. Maybe it needs one more click of adjustment. No, it's perfect! I'll just just shut her down for a minute. Man! I'm runnin' out stall material! And my buddies are starting to stare. Crap! Now I've got a full blown case of the jitters! I hate that! No, I love it! No, I...crap! "What's the matter?" "Hurry up!" "Just go!" "Ya chicken?" "Uh no, I...I just got a cramp. I'm gonna sit down for a minute and work it out....and don't think I can't hear you snickering!" (10 or so minutes later) OK! I'm good! I worked myself in and out of my worst frenzy ever. It is the moment of truth. Go do it or leave in disgrace forever. I got up (pretending the cramp was still bothering me a little) walked to my plane and began...Continue Reading
Posted by bluesman101 | Jan 02, 2007 @ 09:10 AM | 2,929 Views
I'm looking for kits n plans. I recently got the build bug and like everything else I dive in head first so if ya know of any websites dedicated to building vintage or...well heck, I'll look at anything right now. Post a link and thanks in advance.

Posted by bluesman101 | Jan 01, 2007 @ 07:17 PM | 2,659 Views
I finished my first build a few days ago but haven't made it to the field yet due to the holidays. It's a Duraplane Aerobat. I know some may not consider this a real build since it has a foam wing and a pvc fuse, but it was my first foray into putting something together other than an ARF. I really enjoyed it. I think I may have fueled yet another addiction. I have been scouring the esites and hobby shops for kits for a week or two now. I'm looking for the next perfect project. I started buying tools too. I guess that confirms it...another addiction. If anyone has built Duraplane kits I'd like to hear how you like them. I think the Aerobat looks like a real flyer. I'll find out in a couple days. I'm new at bloggin' too so I'll now figure out getting some pictures out for ya. FLY ON!

Posted by bluesman101 | Jan 01, 2007 @ 02:23 PM | 2,689 Views
Hello all...
I have been into rc planes about 2 years. I'm an addict now, like the rest of you. I crashed a couple of trainers early on so I got that out of the way. One was my fault for losing my concentration, the other one though, a tree jumped me . After that I figured I was ready for a new challenge. I bought a GP Super Sportster and put an OS 70" on it. Yikes!! It was so fast it jumped off the ground without using any runway! It was so fast and touchy I couldn't react fast enough to keep up. It scared the crap out of me so bad, I handed the transmitter to the guy beside me (who luckily was an instructor) and I said you better land this one. Actually I said something else... entirely inappropriate for here. I reduced the prop size and adjusted the throws to soften her up a bit, and I crashed. Not a terribly bad crash mind you but a poor landing. Initially, I installed the tail wheel wrong. I put it on after gluing the rudder on so it was mounted externally on the rudder placing undue stress on the rudder. After a couple landings the rudder broke off. I replaced it two or three times and got tired of that so I dug the hinges out and replaced them with medium pinned hinges. I put four 2-56 hex head bolts in each pin with nuts and washers. This was to serve a twofold purpose. I suspected the plane was nose heavy anyway, (from the 70"). For a couple of flights I thought I was quite the airplane repairman. On the 2nd or 3rd landing the whole...Continue Reading