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Posted by Clamb | Jun 03, 2008 @ 06:21 PM | 2,896 Views
I am in the process of building a second Stryker-based plane which is hardened for combat. I will use my blog to document the build in case there is anyone out there who would like to look at my methods and improve upon them. I have dubbed it a Mutant Stryker build because the only thing I use of the Stryker parts are the body and fins. The rest is hand crafted. The first one has been used for about the past three months in combat. As it turns out, combat is a useful way of finding the weak points and learning how to strengthen them. Here's the parts list with approximate cost:

Spare Stryker body from LHS: $20
Spare Stryker fins from LHS: $8
EMAX 28-12 motor: $6
Sword 18 amp ESC: $15
1/8 inch balsa for elevons: $3
Control horns: $2
Adjustable control rods: $2
2 24-inch 2mm CF rods $5
1 24-inch 3.5 mm CF tube $5
4 3-mm bolts and nuts for motor $3
5 nylon bolts and nuts $4
3M 77 adhesive spray $10
7X5 APC prop $2
Prop saver $2
Two servos (MG preferred) $40
The rest are odds and ends that you will see in the pictures that follow: some formica, various adhesives, coroplast, a few square inches of left over covering, tape...

In the pictures below I am more than half way finished. I have the reinforcements finished, the elevons cut and covered, the motor cut-out is done, and the nylon bolts are in place to hold down the hatch. I expect to finish next week.