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Posted by shadow74 | Jan 12, 2007 @ 11:01 PM | 2,882 Views
Today was the HIGHLIGHT of my flying carreer!!! I got an opportunity that most pilots never dream of. I got to not only ride in, but I got to pilot the Goodyear Blimp!!! I live in Ohio...and the blimp hanger is only 4-5 miles from my house. I met a guy at work on monday and struck up casual conversation with him only to find out that he was Pilot-in-command of the "Spirit of Goodyear" airship. I asked him what it took to get a ride and he handed me his card and told me to give him a call. An hour later I was talking to his secretary, and 5 days later I am sitting at the controls of the blimp. I got to fly for 15+ minutes....and the pilot actually signed my pilot logbook for my official first lesson in the lighter than air category with the blimp. I promise to have pics, and short videos of the flight posted very soon. Best part of the flight...the take-off...we climbed out at just shy of 2500 feet per minute. It felt like being in a rocket...we were between 60-70 degrees to the ground...unbelievable feeling!!!
To put the icing on the cake, my wife got me a Blade CX2 an hour after my blimp flight. She got me a Blade CP for Christmas (I have a way cool wife), and i have 12 successful flights on that with no crashes. (thanks to my previous Hirobo Shuttle 30 experience 10 years ago) However...I do have to knock a little rust off in the heli area, so outdoor flying with the CP is no problem, but indoors where there are boundaries aka walls, I am not comfortable yet. So the Blade CX2 will help me knock the rust off, plus it is just a stress-free, fun heli to fly. I just got back to R/C helis and I am having a blast doing it. I am finding that i love to fly indoors, so the CX2 satisfies that completely. What an awesome little bird...I cant say enough good about either of them, the CX2 or the CP. Well off to bed I go.......


Posted by shadow74 | Dec 26, 2006 @ 11:10 PM | 4,262 Views
I also fly full-scale. I solo'd in a 1958 Piper Tri-pacer. Now I fly my best friend's 1946 Taylorcraft. Nothing in the world like flying (especially in a tail-dragger) I am happy to say however that my very first flying lesson in 1995 was in a Bell 47G2 Heli. I went to the field and met my instructor and he said that it was to wet to get out of the grass strip that day. Well I had my Hirobo Shuttle .30 in my truck and so after a brief demo of my r/c heli flying abilities he says to me why dont we take the heli up for a spin...well never flying b4 in one of those I was all for it. So he puts me in the pilot seat, runs up the main, and gets everything situated, crosses his arms and says "okay, take me for a ride" So I added a little collective and away we went. I flew over to my best friends house 3 miles away and landed on the runway that they have in their backyard for the T-craft. They all came running outside and then my instructor put both hands in the window and told me to lift off, turn 90 and fly away. Jim was shocked to say the least to see me fully at the controls of a heli...on my first flying lesson. A day that I will never forget.
Attached are a few cool pics of different things.
Posted by shadow74 | Dec 26, 2006 @ 10:49 PM | 3,665 Views
Well today I joined the RC Groups forum. Today i also ordered a Honey Bee MK-3 electric Heli from Hobby-Lobby. I am having it shipped next day air, so it will be on my door step sometime tomorrow. (I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve Night) I am looking very forward to getting re-acquainted with r/c heli's. I hope my experience is as good as my first experience in 1994 with my Hirobo Shuttle .30

Attached is a pic of a Peck-Polymers "Sky-Bunny" that I built for my best friend and tissued to resemble a PT-19. and also a pic of the Sky-Bunny I built for my wife.