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Posted by Cruzsin | Aug 28, 2009 @ 08:10 AM | 3,394 Views
I'm extremely pleased with the Hill Racer I purchased from Marty.

It's a very quick airplane,and being only 42" span,really fun to fly.While I was flying it,one of my buddies ask me if it was fun or scary to fly.I told him a little of both Most of the scary part is due to the way I have the control surfaces set up(read ailerons).Lots of throw but it makes this little plane very responsive.

The only thing I was not happy with was the color combo(my choice,not Marty's).The two dark colors made it hard to see at any distance.Solution,add one bright color.Problem solved.

Below,see the results.

Posted by Cruzsin | Aug 14, 2009 @ 08:06 AM | 3,737 Views
I'm beginning to find ,deals on Slopers come in groups(dare I say flocks)

I ran into a deal on Craigslist,concerning an old school sloper I've always wanted.

After contacting the seller,I found out the plane kit(NIB) was purchased at an estate sale.The seller,not being an RC hobbiest,just wanted to get rid of the kit.

The price,was less then 1/2 of what these are selling for on ebay,and they show up seldom. What is it you may ask ? it's an old Multiplex kit called a Cortina. 3.5 meter flying wing(pre sheeted),with a small fiberglass pod(fuse).

My friend DT has one and they are a very nice slope ship.

My second purchase was from a follow RC groups member.Marty(AKA Prplgoat),is making and selling a 42 " DS plane called a Hill Racer.Marty was coming down to S.Cal for a race.I had asked him to bring the plane down with him to save shipping costs.

The Hill racer is a molded ship and getting it ready to maiden was quick(10 hours or so),I'll maiden it this weekend if the winds cooperate.

My stable is now more then full.