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Posted by Cruzsin | Jan 09, 2009 @ 06:03 PM | 4,146 Views
I finally got around to the repaint on the C.R.Raider.Why someone painted over the carbon fiber on top to begin with,I've no idea.I would have left it naked

As I didnt want to sand all the original paint off,a repaint was in order.When I purchased it,it had a lovely burnt orange fuse and bright orange wing tips.Not even close to the same color.The wings were also a dull white with age old glue stains.
I have a thing about my airplanes having nice paint jobs,so to work I went.

Here is the result.I figured since it was an U.S. made plane,the paint should reflect that

Posted by Cruzsin | Jan 03, 2009 @ 11:54 AM | 3,949 Views
After a Thursday and Friday flying,I achieved a few "to do" chores.

First,I finally got a chance to maiden my little t tail after the rebuild.With the extra 1/2 pound from the repairs,she flew faster,and still handled well.Chore one done

Secondly,I flew my CR Raider with the 1 pound steel joiner,and the weight made a huge difference in good lift.Now,I remember why I like the RG 15 airfoil so much.It handles weight well.Now for the repaint before I post pictures.
Chore 2,1/2 done.

Thirdly,I picked up a Hades,version 1, 2 weeks ago in a package deal for cheap(really cheap).The plane had been repaired numerous times by the previous owner.When I received it,one wing tip was crunched,the other was open like a clam shell.The nose cone was a tough fit due to the inner cone being repaired upteen times.
Carbon fiber,glass,laminating epoxy,and lots of bondo later.I was ready for paint.You'll notice in the photo,there are still 2 spots that need a repaint on the center section of the wing.I'll get to that soon.
Anyway,she weighs about 8 and 1/2 pds dry(no ballast,weight is from the repairs),but I figured with a 2.8 meter span,it would be ok.
I'm very happy with the flight results.Nice flying speedy plane.Chore 3 done

P.S. The Hades is a great replacement for my lost Dogan.