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Posted by Cruzsin | Jun 21, 2008 @ 11:13 AM | 4,909 Views
Here it is Saturday,my normal flying day,and it's too hot to fly.The temp yesterday reached 113,and today's forecast is for more of the same.
So here I sit typing rather then flying.

The last couple of weeks ,my flying buddies have flown built up(remember balsa bashing) slopers for the light wind conditions.Usually,its only the first hour or so,but I've felt left out.These balsa airplanes are aerobatic,and fun to fly under the right conditions.

Last year I had purchased an old school balsa kit ,the Genesis,at a swap meet for $10.It is a 60" flying wing,and the kit in the box couldnt have weighed more then 16 ozs.

With a week of hot weather,what better time to build this balsa kit.

Here's how she turned out.You'll notice a slight fold in the monocote on the aileron in the photo.This has been removed with the heat gun.Guess she'll maiden next week end.