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Posted by Cruzsin | Jul 27, 2007 @ 09:40 AM | 5,253 Views
For the last two Saturdays,We've flown everything in our arsenal and had a great time.
My Sierra has turned out to be a great "warm up" plane.Fun plane to fly,with no bad habits and easy to land.Its well worth the $220 kit price.
My little one off t tail is just a rocket ship for its size.Everyone who's flown it in our group is impressed with it.

My newest purchase,and my first "moldie",a Valenta Dogan(3 meter),has proven to fly like most moldies.Fast,and responsive.I'm very pleased with the plane.I did add some color to the top and bottom,as the plane was all white on top.Charcoal grey with dual red pinstripes and of course,clear coated.

Having a slow week at work,and so used to being in a building frenzy,I had to build something Enter a 20 year old power plane (Mirage 2000,26" span)that I tried to slope.It didnt,mainly because of the airfoil.
This week,I changed the airfoil(sanded the bottom flatter) and recovered the wings and painted the fuse.Glide tests in the back yard seem to indicate she'll fly well.Will remaiden it this weekend.

Posted by Cruzsin | Jul 07, 2007 @ 09:15 AM | 5,058 Views
Havent posted anything here in a while.

Bill and I,flew our t tail one off designs last weekend( we bought them used,no idea who did the scratch builds).All glass with lots of carbon in the leading edge.
Added radio,paint,and a few other "fixes".

These little 60"er's are speed demons.They roll quick and are just plain fun to fly.Because Bill's had a paint job(the guy used lace as a mask),he nicknamed his the mod squad.It really does look like its from the 60's.Because of the paint I used on mine,they nicknamed it the merlot.
We are now the M&M team
Since its Saturday and the wind is 20 from the South,off for a another flying session we go.

BTW,when I purchased this paint,I had no idea it was metallic.Now,I'm extremely happy with the results.