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Posted by Diggs | May 03, 2011 @ 10:02 PM | 9,818 Views
Thanks to all of you that have emailed, PM'd, IM'ed or posted here thanking me for my work on ATTF. It means a lot. If I didn't respond to you directly, please forgive me, but there were just a few to respond to. I was a bit taken back by the response and appreciate all the kind words and understanding. As I said on the show, it had become a bit of a chore doing the podcast and was really impeding on my enjoyment of the hobby. I know some of you will never understand that, but when you take on something with the passion I have for both RC and ATTF, it really can become oppressive. That old saying, "Too much of a good thing" is applicable.

I have no plans on leaving the hobby, which is why I am taking an extended break from ATTF. I just want to focus on my flying and not have to worry about remembering every little detail to report on Sunday nights. Now I can simply go to the field and fly without concern about the show, just flying.

Again, thanks for all of your support and coming up to me at events to say hello and expressing your appreciation. That is what kept me doing it for almost 4 years. At some point I might find that I want to return to podcasting and ATTF, but for now I just want to be an everyday RC pilot.

You listeners are awesome and without you I wouldn't have been able to take the wild ride. And expect to see me in the chat room every week. I plan on becoming an avid listener and fan of ATTF.

See you at the field.