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Posted by Diggs | Jan 01, 2007 @ 09:45 PM | 19,981 Views
I just found this site last week, and I spend more time reading posts here than doing anything else online at the moment. I have been online since about 97, got broadband DSL in early 98 and wish I got paid for surfing. I think I could retire now. Thanks to a little Picco Z knockoff, I am addicted to RC Helis. I have started out slow with a Blade CX 2 which I picked up at a local hobby shop. I have had my fair share of crashes this past week, and have made more trips to the LHS for replacement parts. I can certainly tell a difference in my skill level from when I started. Figure 8's and Piros are not an issue any longer, and I can hold it full speed ahead doing laps in my 2 car garage. I am currently waiting on more batteries and a new charger to arrive.

I have had 2 out door flights and they were exciting to say the least. The first one I ended up in a tree and found out the slightest of breezes will affect the flight of the CX2. I have also flown in my backyard, still a slight breeze, but kept it low and steady. Out doors is far more fun than the confines of the Garage. I can see with a few more weeks of real flight that I will probably grab a flight sim. I used to game a lot on the PC, so my specs should be up to snuff to run a nice sim package. But I see an out door bird to be my next stop. Still researching what that will be, but by the time I am ready for that step I am sure there will be newer more interesting products to choose from.