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Posted by msim | Jul 06, 2009 @ 12:47 AM | 2,118 Views
Well, I'll be out of RC for a while, so i might as well update my blog with my current projects. Its surprising, how some skills i learned building and repairing the few planes and heli's that i had.

Well, my attention has been focused on High Voltage Applications. Currently, i am tuning a Tesla Coil i have been in the process of building since August of '08.

These are the current specifications:

-9,000V 30mAh AC Neon Sign Transformer
-20KV .01uf Capacitor
-3 inch secondary diameter
-958 turns of copper magnet wire on secondary
-4" wide 16" long toroid
-fan cool static spark gap
-1/8th inch primary coil with 12 turns

When i first ran power through the system with different capacitors and a different primary coil, it failed. It failed because of inefficient capacitors and the primary coil was too large. The first test was back in February.

This video was the first time i was able to get some corona off the tip of a metal pin (no large toroid). I replaced the large primary with a smaller and neater primary coil. I also used a Leyden jar capacitor, so i didnt get alot of power from it. (the fluorescent light bulb was lit from the electromagnetic field emitted from the system)

Tesla coil Test #4 (0 min 7 sec)

This test was using a light bulb instead of a metal pin or toroid. again, using leyden jar capacitors.

Tesla coil Test #5 (0 min 16 sec)
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Posted by msim | Oct 08, 2008 @ 09:00 PM | 2,522 Views
I guess, since I haven't updated in over a year, I should do so. I also have noticed I havnt done a Introductory blog, so I'll do so now

I am Myles. I'm a high school student, so its difficult at the moment to support this wonderful hobby. The only things that keep me motivated is RCgroups and the ATTF podcast. both give helpful advice. This is the chain of events on how I got into this addictive hobby:

-I first got interested in RC back in May of 2006. I recieved as a gift a micro rc toy airplane named the Aero Ace. it was a simple 2 channel plane. I owned many of them.
-I then got out of planes and into Heli's in December of 2006. I got a Picoo (Picco?) Z. it broke quickly, but I was hooked from then on out.
-May of 2007, I got my first real hobby grade aircraft. it was the Walkera Dragonfly 4. that is what I learned how to fly on. by the time I could hover it effectively, I gave up on repairing it. it was a cheap Chinese material.
-I went a while flying absolutely nothing. 9 months. Christmas comes around, and I got myself fixed in this hobby. I had my first CCPM heli (Esky Honeybee KingV2) and I got a really decent radio.
-the Heli was way out of my range to fly and keep up, I just couldnt keep it up for more than a week, so I then bought a Esky Lama V3 from a friend who gave up on it. I flew that thing as much I could. many parts broke on it. I plan on fixing it up later this year. It shall be, though, my only heli I will own.
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Posted by msim | Jul 23, 2007 @ 12:13 AM | 2,525 Views
Pointless post. . . .
Posted by msim | Jul 23, 2007 @ 12:00 AM | 2,456 Views
pointless post. . . . .
Posted by msim | Jun 23, 2007 @ 01:33 PM | 2,686 Views
For my B-day, I got a Walkera Dragonfly #4 helicopter. And since have been practicing hovering. I have gotten better, but not good enough for changing to side in or nose in hover. one thing I have been doing wrong is with the level of the flyblades. I have been keeping them at a 0 degree angle. Just recently, I decided to have them angle. with them at a angle, I was able to hover it like I never would have dreamed!.

Should I keep the flyblades angled up, or is there a reason to have them level that I am not getting, because I read somewhere that the flyblades need to be level.

Dragonfly 4 Hovering practice

This video shows how I hover with the flybars level to the ground. Remember that I can hover better with them angled up
Posted by msim | Dec 23, 2006 @ 11:44 PM | 3,399 Views
Well, first time trying this blog. Although no one will read this, I will act like someone is. I have just activated my account. I am waiting for Christmas. I may get some more RC planes for this holiday. Previously, I have owned 2 AAs both lasted a while, but both are dead as of now.