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Posted by Andrew Jesky | Aug 06, 2006 @ 09:07 PM | 21,758 Views
Well usually every Sunday my brother and Family come down to our house and hang out and we go flying. We finally decided to take some pictures today.

Here are the planes we flew today. The Yak is a 3W Yak(QQ design) this was built this winter. It has:

15 8611A's for all surfaces
Da-150 on Manferd Greves tuned Pipes
Fromeco flight packs and regulators
JR R2000 Reciever
Swb servo arms.
Ready to fly is 41 pounds

The PL Extra that my brother has used to be Chip Hydes old extra that he flew. We decided we would buy and it and re-do it. The PL is equiped exactly the same except he is running KS 1090 cans which make the same power as the greves.His also weighs in at about 41.5 pounds