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Posted by Chino Tom | Mar 19, 2009 @ 07:25 PM | 6,612 Views
I've been lurking for awhile with most of my airplane efforts directed twoards finishing my RV-8A. If flew for the first time on 12/6/08 and the test hours
were finally flown off this month. Pictured below is the first flight with my
wife (she liked it). Previously 40 hours were flown in the test area assigned
to me (roughly Chino to North San Diego to the west edge of the Imperial Valley) and the panel picture is on one of those flights. The new EFIS and
Engine monitor is real nice compared to the round gages in the RV-6. As you can see on the GPS, 175 knots (201 mph) across the ground at about 65%
power is not to shabby (did have a little tail wind ). Now I can get back to some RC stuff. The new Alfa 109F is on my list.