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Posted by Chino Tom | Aug 23, 2007 @ 04:43 PM | 6,906 Views
The past couple of months have keep me busy on my RV not my RC alfas. Had to remove the engine from my RV-6 and have it overhauled. This removal and reinstall process along with having to put breakin time on the engine has keep me busy. The first several flights were in the immediate vicinity of Chino Airport. After proving there were no leaks or other problems (had to re-adjust the idle speed) this last weekend I flew to Camarillo for their annual airshow and then up to San Luis Obispo to visit my son who goes to college there. The third largest fire (soon to become the 2nd) in California's history is burning in the mountains north east of Santa Barbara and i took some photos on my way back form SLO. As is the norm since 9/11, the FAA is quick to establish TFR's (temporary flight restrictions) over things such as fires or when dignitarys are around (forget about flying anywhere near where POTUS is). One of the pictures showes the map on my Garmin 496 and the red outline is the TFR for this fire. I'm just south of Santa Barbara and just off the coast (within gliding distance of the beach). Beautiful SoCal day. Only 102 deg on the ground at Chino.