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Posted by Chino Tom | May 06, 2007 @ 11:36 AM | 7,047 Views
A replacement Spit is on order, but in the meantime a FW-190 will fill in.
Much quicker build time than the Spit. Considered a speed 300 but in the end the MP 28/7-35D was installed with a Jeti 18 amp speed control. With only one aileron servo, I expected the Wurger to weigh in about the same as the Spit but is was 13.2 oz (the Spit was 12.8). The extra weight has to be the motor. Used a 1320 mah battery this time but it weighs the same as the 900 (with 2 quarters taped to it= 3 oz). Used Dora 9's antenna tube idea again but this time ran the antenna inside the fuselage and exit on the right rear just forward of the rudder (no rudder control). When I was a kid I built plastic models and enjoyed researching the markings for the models i built. Doing the same now, but I get to fly them! Had to choose markings that could use decals from the kit. This represents a Fw 190A-8 from 5 staffel, JG 300, November 1944. The pilot of this 190 was shot down by P-51's on 24-Dec-1944. Still have to gloss/dull coat to finish. First flight next week.