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Posted by Chino Tom | May 01, 2007 @ 12:04 AM | 7,142 Views
This Spitfire flys better than I do. My lack of experience is pretty obvious. Glad I never fly my RV this way! Again a foggy morning and an imaginary FW 190 was on my tail. The low level roll with a pitch up. He must of missed the tree, I didn't. There is no way I was close to that tree, right? These fly so nice I'm ordering another one.
Posted by Chino Tom | Apr 27, 2007 @ 06:13 PM | 7,126 Views
Still learning the "alfa toss" it seems. Flight two resulted in an immediate crash. Not enough power or too wimpy of a toss. Anyway, 10 yards and then boom. Thought i was going to find a mess, but only a cracked wing.
The spar seemed intact so a little foam safe CA (finally had to buy some) and a little touch up paint. Which by the way, Testor's Model Master is not a close match to the Alfa paint, it is much darker. i also added a 3/8 inch wide piece of clear tape to the inboard leading edge. You can just see it it the pics. The next flight was a lot better. I've dialed back the expo on the airlerons to 35% and increased the d/r to 85%. The roll was just to sluggish with the initial setup. At speed there is plenty of elevator authority so I left that alone for now. Once I figure this thing out, I'll buy another one that I can try and keep perfect. I really like the flat finish suggested by Dora 9 although I had issues (paint crinkling) when i sprayed it.
Posted by Chino Tom | Apr 21, 2007 @ 10:01 PM | 7,209 Views
Hopefully the pictures will attach. During WW2 RAF Wing commanders used their own initials. Robert Stanford Tuck (RS T) etc... So I took the liberty to use mine. With Hobby-Lobby recomended power. 3 hs55 servos. Micro 6 receiver. 12.8 oz ready to fly. TP 900mah 3s battery with 2 quarters taped to it (3 oz total) for CG slightly forward of plans. TP 1320 3s no weight needed. Throws per plans, 40% expo, d/r 75%. Very tame. First flight 4/21/07. Flew nice.