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Posted by wemattson | Oct 04, 2007 @ 10:48 PM | 3,644 Views
About a year ago I got started in this hobby and quickly discovered how addictive and fun it can be!

It all started when I stumbled across an ad for the Great Planes Fokker DVII. It looked so cool I just couldn't resist. Plus I always had a fascination for aviation. Long story short, I ordered up the whole package from Tower Hobbies and proceeded headlong into the addiction.

After some minor mishaps and many hours on the simulator I finally got the hang of flying. However, my landings still left a lot to be desired. Consequently, I am now on my second DVII which has many flights on it and is holding up well.

During the past spring and summer I have added to the fleet, which now consists of the following:

1. Great Planes Fokker DVII. This plane is completely stock and utilizes the components recommended by Tower Hobbies.

2. Great Planes Corsair. This model was modified somewhat. It is powered by an Esskay 400XT brushless motor fueled by a 1200 mAh LiPo.

3. Alfa Models P-47 Chow Hound. This plane was kept stock and was built using the components recommended on the Hobby-Lobby website.

4. Alfa Models Wildcat (not pictured). This plane is also powered by the Esskay 400XT motor fueled by a 1200mAh LiPo.

Out of the four planes, the P-47 is the best overall performer. It is very stable and dispalys no bad characteristics. The Corsair was the worst and has since been retired (not by choice ). The DVII wins for general overall flying enjoyment, plus it looks and sounds good in the air, especially on a bright sunny day

I have to thank RC Groups and the wonderful subscribers for the invaluable information they post on this site. Much of the success to building and flying these aircraft is due to this site. THANK YOU!