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Posted by gluemaster | May 28, 2011 @ 11:48 AM | 3,470 Views
So this plane I got from my neighbor still had the electric motor and speed control in it and was originally a three channel plane. He modified the wing and added some ailerons but said the were pretty much ineffective so I figured since I was going to convert it to glow I would redo the ailerons and make some other changes. I'll get some pics up here in a bit. He has two of them, one with an OS 25LA and the other one with a 15LA. He says the 15 powered ship is very relaxing and the one with the 25 on it is a rocket, so I had a Thunder Tiger GP15 I was going to use but after I got everything installed to the point it would be ready to fly I was going to have to add an additional 6 oz of lead to the very end of the fuselage by the engine. Well after seeing how much it already weighed before the additional weight I decided to find a larger, heavier engine. I found a used K&B Sportster 28 at Grave's Hobbies in Orlando for a great price and decided it would probably work for what I wanted to do. After staying up until the wee hours this morning I finally had it ready to go. So I loaded up and headed for the place where I fly. I got the plane out, range checked it with my son's help and fueled it up. I fired it up, set the carb, taxied out and nailed the throttle. It took off rather quick and the climb out was really brisk. I got it trimmed out and flew around for a couple of minutes, did a couple of loops and rolls and then landed. I am only running a 3 oz tank in it and...Continue Reading